Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Day In Pictures - 06/05/14 // Warner Brother Studios - The Making Of HarryPotter Tour

Two days ago I went on a trip with college to visit the Warner Brothers Studio in London for the Making of Harry Potter tour. Although I didn't take my DSLR camera, I had my iPhone and took some pictures of my day.

It's quite a long journey from my hometown Sheffield to London, so we stopped off at a service station and I got myself a Starbucks to keep me going for the rest of the journey.

We arrived and I was amazed at how huge it looked on arrival! I took pictures of almost everything, but I'm only uploading a few things... I think everyone (or at least H.P fans) needs to experience it in person and I don't want to ruin any of the best bits for people that are planning to go.

Ohh, butterbeer... How I regret buying this. I was slightly convinced to try it by the fact that it's only sold in two places in the world, the warner bro studio in London and somewhere in Florida. I had of give it a go! 

As you might be able to tell from my face... I wasn't enjoying it! 

The next few pictures really show all the work behind the scenes of Harry Potter and I couldn't believe the amount of work that goes into making these films. We also had a small workshop with a worker who told us how an idea turns into the reality, from scripts to the cinema. 

Green screen and special effects are used a lot throughout the film. We could see how green screen is used and the big TV in the back was playing different informative videos on how the special effects team creating some of the most amazing scenes in the film. 

I had such an amazing day and learnt a lot about the film making process at this big scale. I would recommend this to all Harry Potter fans and to all media students or people interested in the film industry. 

Leave a comment if you've been here before, if you would like to :) 

Amber x