Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review // Argan Dew - Argan Oil Hair Mask // Daily Hair Treatment

Argan oil, also known as the Moroccan Liquid gold is used mainly for hair but pure argan oil can be a miracle for your skin too. I was sent samples by Argan Dew to try their daily hair treatment and their replenishing hair mask, and who says no to a chance of frizz free hair? 

Daily Hair Treatment - I used this oil on my hair when its dry (or damp from out the shower) in attempt to  tame my oh so frizzy ends. After bleaching and dyeing the ends of my hair its been left straw-like ever since, believe me I've tried every hair treatment going. This certainly did the job at taming and adding shine to my locks, just what i need! With this oil, a little goes a long way to smoothing your ends. It didn't make my hair feel greasy and kept the frizz under control, so i would say its perfect for thick, frizzy or dry hair. I wouldn't recommend it on fine hair as it would only weigh it down.  

Replenishing Hair Mask - If your hair is colour damaged or really dry, this stuff will be your savior. This mask you use on wet hair, so i just replaced my usual conditioner for this. However, use it liberally, i made the mistake of smothering it all over my hair and ending up with hair that resembled a chip fryer. Not a good look. Regardless of that, when i used it properly again it made my hair so silky smooth and feeling so nourished. I wouldn't recommend this one at all for normal/greasy hair, it would only make it greasier, unless you're into that sort of look, each to their own of course.  I would buy both of these at full size without a doubt as they're perfect for taming my hair, new fave? I think so! 

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Amber x

*Disclaimer - These samples were sent to me by Argan dew to review, however my review is completely honest.