Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Nude Matte Lip.. High Street VS High End

Above L to R: Sleek in Birthday Suit, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 34 Raffinée. 

Theres no universal nude shade that suits everyone so finding the right one for you can be a little difficult. Ive found that to be the case for me anyway, i either end up with a lipstick that gives me that 'foundation lips' look which washes me out completely or a lipstick thats too light like a baby pink which doesn't suit my skin at all. This can be worsened when the nude colour is a matte, making an even more impossible task.
Todays a bit of a different post too, this is the battle of the High-street VS High-End, but who will win? 

Round one // The High-Street Nude - To those sleek smarty pants, YES I'm cheating because this is a lip cream (apologies for cheating but you will thank me later) but I'm classing it as a lipstick. Right, now thats out of the way, lets just appreciate how cool the formula on this 'Matte Me' lipstick is, you apply it as if it is a lipgloss, the same doe-foot spongy applicator, it goes on creamy and slightly glossy but dries completely matte, and when i say completely matte, i mean make sure your lips are in perfect condition before applying this to your lips. This stuff clings to dry patches on your lips you didn't even know you had. The colour 'Birthday Suit' is more on the too light side but it is very close to my natural lip colour. The colour pay off is fab and it stays around for hours without coming off. 

Round two // The High End Nude - Oh Chanel my beauty how i love you *insert lovestruck emoji*. The Rouge Allure Velvet formulas are by far the best matte formulas around, and I've tried my fair share being a matte kinda girl. Its creamy and soft and glides on your lips like.. well.. velvet. The colour of this is more on the pinky side of the nude scale and would probably only class as a nude on skin tones like my own, but its a beautiful shade regardless. Perfect pigmentation but the staying power on this one isn't as good as the Sleek. We can probably all agree who wins the prize for best packaging.. i won't even say it. 

Round three // The verdict - They both have their pros and cons and they're both two of my favourite matte nudes. The winner is pretty clear to me though and wins by a mile, and that is of course the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. *round of applause woop woop*. This isn't a packaging bias verdict, its purely because i use this one way more and the colour is just stunning and the formulation is something else. Well done Chanel, you did us proud! 

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, would you like to see more of these 'battle' style posts? leave a comment and let me know! and if you have tried any of these, what do you think to them?