Thursday, 10 April 2014

My day in pictures // 10/04/14

This morning I woke up (at 7.30 even though I didn't need to be up until 9.30) and decided to take a few pictures throughout my day to share with you even though I woke up feeling ill and had no plans. So apologies in advance for it being a bit of a boring day but I thought I would share it anyway. My blog. My rules lol.

First of all, a jog around my park. Yes you heard right! This isn't a regular accurance even though I want it to be. I took these on my iphone and instagramed most of them so the filters are a little obvious!

As soon as I got home and kicked off my shoes I dragged myself into the kitchen feeling exhausted and rustled up some breakfast. Attempting to be as healthy as possible while I was at it. OH not forgetting a big glass of water before and after the run, gotta keep hydrated girlies! 

I came back up to my bed to flick through my company magazine and enjoyed my breakfast.

A few hours later after doing not much at all.. I was feeling pretty ill. I had some paracetamol and a cuppa tea to keep me going. Again this isn't a regular accurance, I'm a coffee lady usually! 

That's what I call a no make up, feeling crap but the tea will help selfie. 

This is a no frills straight up comfy in the house OOTD. It's surprisingly matchy to say it's a chillin in the house outfit, which are usually a mix match of anything I can get my hands on first in my wardrobe. 
I have my mums laptop which used to be mine, so that I can do some photoshopping pictures for the blog. 

Finally I got back in bed with mine and my mums laptop and spent pretty much the rest of my day in bed feeling sorry for my ill self and attempting to photoshop some pics.

Ohh last picture had to be put in of this gorgeous apricot tart with strawberries.. Mmmm :)

I know this is a different type of post for me but let me know if you would like more of these!

Toots signing out for the night!