Friday, 25 April 2014

Review // Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

I couldn't resist picking up this new launch from Chanel even though I've never tried their foundations before and i was very tempted to get the Vitalumiere Aqua, but for 'blogging purposes' i went for this one. To be completely honest I've only wore this foundation a few times so this is more of a first impressions but it doesn't take me long to decide what i think of foundations. Im going to try to be as in depth as possible with this review because i know it can be hard to decide whether to splurge on a foundation that is expensive like this. 

Application - The first day that i wore this foundation i used my fingers to apply it but also used a brush, i then realised that on the little instructions leaflet inside it stated that you should use your fingers to apply not a brush/sponge. Ohh and it also says that you should shake it before you use it. So the second time i tried it i did exactly that. I did find that when using my fingers it was slightly harder to blend but thats only because the shade i got was slightly more on the darker side so i applied it all with my fingers and right at the end i would just buff in any parts that didn't blend well with my Real Techniques Buffing brush. 
However if you get a perfect colour match this shouldn't be a problem. I will say though, Chanel foundations don't seem to have the best shade range which is very disappointing when they're charging £33 for it!

So this is the before and after, i only used the foundation and skipped my usual concealing so i could see how well the foundation works on its own. I did add a little extra foundation on my spot and on my acne scars around my chin to give them some extra coverage. 

Formula - The formula is exactly what the name suggests 'Velvet' i don't think i could explain it any better. Its got that feel that something like the Smashbox primer gives or you could say its quite a powdery feel. It is definitely a matte foundation but it isn't like most other matte foundations. It still gives the skin a nice luminosity and doesn't look cakey at all. I'd say I'm probably going to use this in the warmer months when my skin is oilier but if you have normal, combination or oily skin then this foundation is probably great for your skin. Whereas dry skin gals, you might want to steer away from this foundation it might just make your skin look even drier. I do have dry parts of my skin and it didn't cling to these but a foundation that it dewier is probably better for dry skin. 

Coverage - This is a light foundation, as you can see in the before and after picture it doesn't cover everything but it does give a lovely even natural finish. I think it can be built to a medium coverage with an extra layer or so. I just love how even it made my skin look without covering it completely. Seen as the coverage was only a light/medium i wasn't expecting it to have staying power, but i was wrong! It really does stay put all day. 


Packaging - I personally love the packaging! I find glass foundation bottles like the YSL Touche Eclat foundation do look more luxe but they're just not practical, they're heavier, take more space in your make up bag and i know someone who actually dropped and smashed her YSL foundation in a glass bottle and it smashed. Ooops! Well you won't be having any of those problems with this, its nice and small in a plastic bottle. I also find the squeezer (i don't actually know what its called but ill call it squeezer) the bit where the foundation comes out its really good. Pumps often squeeze out more than you need, and ones that don't have pumps are just a pain. But this little squeezer makes it perfect for getting just the right amount out. I also tested this by turning the bottle upside down and none comes out until you squeeze the bottle. 

Overall id say that this foundation for me is great, especially as the weather is warmer and i need something more matte. Its got the right amount of coverage for me because i love light/medium foundations and even though its matte its still really brightening and luminous. 

I hope this post helps any of you who are not sure on whether or not to buy this :) Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried this foundation or what your views are on it.

Amber x