Friday, 2 May 2014

April Favourites // 2014

Wowza, where has the month of April gone? Even though it feels like its passed so fast, I'm so glad were slowly but surely getting into the warmer months! Anyway, lets get straight onto the bits I've been love love loving this month...

When it comes to the brows, everything has changed this month! I used to use my trustee 'Browzings' from Benefit but it was starting to run out so i thought id give this out as it was a relatively new release. The Gimme Brow is like a mascara for your eyebrows. I LOVEEEE IT! This is by far my favourite discovery all year. Ive been filling in my brows for years with either powder or brow pencil but i realised they're both too harsh for my face sometimes, but this gives the most amazing eyebrows. Im not going to go too in depth with this one because I'm going to do a full review of it very soon! 

My skin has been a little cray cray this month. Ive had more break outs then usual and i knew it was time i went back to lush and repurchased the Tea Tree Water. I used to use this all the time and make my way through bottles and bottles of it when i had oilier and more acne prone skin, but as my skin improved i stopped using it and didn't use any toner at all. Big mistake. My skin loves this stuff. Even though its cleared up a lot more from before, i still do get at least one or two spots at a time, but this stuff is back in my routine and I'm seeing the difference. My spots are at bay and when i do have break out the Tea Tree water helps reduce it. Tea Tree is antibacterial which means its perfect at fighting those spots and cleaning the skin of anything left on the skin after cleansing.  

Summer is slowly approaching and that means sandals and toes out… oh gosh! Ive committed to try to pamper my feet as much as possible so they look at least half decent before summer. This is my by far the best foot cream/foot mask I've tried and the strangest. Look, its blue. Thats weird enough for a cream i think. Its more of a thick gel sort of texture which you put on clean feet at night (I'm rather generous with it and put a rather nice slathering of it on) and put cotton socks over the top and go to bed. You wake up with the softest feet. I also sometimes use a little bit as a foot cream rather than the intensive mask way, which i find it can work well but does feel a little greasy and doesn't sink in quickly so id only do that if I'm not going out. All round 10/10! 

This is my very first Nars product and I'm impressed! Ive been wearing it so much this month. This is a gorgeous sheer lipstick that i can wear day to day and it looks so pretty. In the second picture i did two swatches the first being one coat and the second shows how the colour can be built up. Its so sheer and moisturising that one coat is nice as a little glossiness on your lips with a hint of colour but can be built up for more pigmentation. It also lasts for quite a while but does need a few top ups throughout the day but this is the case with most sheer lipsticks. 

Side note - The first picture shows the MUA nail varnish in 'Plum noir' but i totally forgot to put it on and take a picture, oopsy! It just deserved a mention that for a £1 nail varnish its gorgeous!

Thats really all for this month, have you tried any of these products? If so leave a comment and tell me what you thought to them? 

Amber x